Our water projects

Bringing water to people's doorsteps

We’ve partnered with DFID to provide drinking water systems in remote areas across Nepal. Our Rural Water & Sanitation Programme (RWSP) is funded with UK aid from the British people.

Despite an abundance of rivers, the majority of rural communities still don’t have access to clean water. Collecting water from sources is back-breaking work, made even harder by extremely hilly terrain.

Our projects install individual tap stands for all households, bringing water to people's doorsteps. We also provide water facilities for schools and health posts.

Now collecting water is a matter of seconds, rather than wasting a big part of our day

Surya Gurung, Karantar village, west Nepal

Improving sanitation

Understanding of sanitation is often limited in Nepal. Our projects ensure each household has its own toilet while teaching villages how to improve personal hygiene and waste management.

By ensuring a clean water source and reducing open defecation we see sharp drops in waterborne diseases such as dysentery.

Transforming lives

In the communities we visit, sickness rates and labour hours are drastically reduced – especially among women and children – while crop yields and income generation are greatly improved.

Key facts and figures

GWT water projects map

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Case study: Nangkholyang Village

In March 2015, we finished constructing a drinking water project in the village, bringing water directly to each household and ensuring that each had its own latrine.

The local community was delighted with their new system: “Before this project we used to fetch water from a source 40 minutes' walk away, but now clean water is coming to our doorstep. It will save our time and effort. The unpolluted water will improve our health too.

"Thank you GWT for bringing us clean drinking water from such a distance! We hope you'll also help other water scarce villages like ourselves.” Harkalachhi Rai, 63-year-old resident

Nangkholyang village is located in a remote, impoverished area of Taplejung district. With 63 households and one school, the village has a population of 388, including 159 children.

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Our earthquake response

As part of our earthquake response, we're building and repairing hundreds of water projects over the coming years.

Find out more about all the ways we're helping to rebuild lives in Nepal.

Our impact so far

Since 1976, we've been introducing clean water supply systems and sanitation schemes in villages across Nepal.

In total, over 320,000 people in 1,300 villages have benefited from our water projects.

The Trust at a glance

A brief summary of what we do and our plans for the coming years.

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