Gurkhas in the UK

With many retired Gurkhas and their families now seeking the security of life in the UK, a number of Gurkha communities have been established across the country. To date, there are around 40 ex-Gurkha communities and estimates suggest that there are over 12,000 ex-Gurkha heads of family settled in the UK.

Ex-Gurkha community groups are established for two main reasons:

  • To help community members with their financial, social and welfare needs
  • To celebrate notable religious festivals and other important events, helping to preserve tradition and culture

The groups also play a vital role in integrating with the wider local communities.

Life after service

Given the Gurkhas' reputation, it is unsurprising that many end up in the security industry post-service. However, many find employment in varied sectors from driving to the MoD civil service, while others are self-employed as proprietors of restaurants and shops.

Looking for advice?

Our Gurkha Welfare Advice Centres in Salisbury and Aldershot provide support and information to the UK Gurkha community. Visit their page for further info and contact details.

UK population map

Download a map of the estimated retired Gurkha population spread in the United Kingdom (PDF, 0.5 MB).