For all the lives
he’s lived

Rifleman Manbahadur Ghimire gave his all, all the way through his 100 years of life.

By making a donation in memory of Manbahadur, you will help us reach veterans and widows when they need us most to give them whatever support they need.

Once a Gurkha, always a Gurkha. This was abundantly true of Rifleman Manbahadur Ghimire. From his life serving alongside the British Army in World War Two, to his final happy days at our Residential Home in Dharan, he displayed the same selflessness, loyalty and bravery to the very end.

But even the bravest, most selfless of Gurkha veterans will need our help in later life.

A Gurkha’s spirit may never dim, but as the years go by, they will inevitably need support to be able to continue living with dignity. That support can take many different forms – depending on their particular circumstances. Thanks to your donations we are able to offer a whole package of care as well as medical aid, the provision of clean water and sanitation and Residential Homes.


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