Why donate shares?*

Did you know that donating unwanted shares to The Gurkha Welfare Trust is a way of giving that benefits both the donor and the charity? In fact, making a donation of shares could be a smart financial decision as it is one of the most tax-effective ways an individual donor or company can support the Trust.

By donating shares to the Trust you may be entitled to relief from income tax and capital gains tax on the value of your donation. This may be important to you if you have already reached your annual tax limit.*

The relief on a donation of £1,000 worth of shares would be at least £400

If you would like to make a donation of shares, there are some conditions – inevitably – and forms to be filled out. However, the Trust’s experienced Major Donor and Partnerships team is on hand and happy to advise donors on the two possible ways to donate shares, depending on the value of the holding involved.

How to donate shares

Option 1: You can transfer shares worth more than £100 directly to the Trust and we will sell them through our stockbrokers. Simply complete the Transfer Form provided by the Trust and send it to us with your share certificate(s).

Option 2: If your shares are worth less than £100, it might not be cost effective for the Trust to sell them ourselves so we would advise donors to contact the charity ShareGift which specialises in the sale of smallholdings of shares. However, please remember to mention The Gurkha Welfare Trust when making your donation.

To contact ShareGift for more information call 0207 930 3737 or visit www.sharegift.org

What will the GWT do with my shares?

It is the policy of the Trust that, when it receives gifts of shares, they are sold as soon as it is practical. Were we to hold on to them, their value might change and, as a charity, we believe that we should not speculate with gifts entrusted to us and should realise their value as soon as possible to fund our work.

What type of shares can The Gurkha Welfare Trust accept?

The GWT can only accept donations of shares that are:

  • In UK listed companies
  • Ordinary shares
  • Gilts
  • Unit trusts and bonds
  • In the donor's name (please do not transfer shares into the GWT's name as this may cause additional administrative work and incur costs)

*Please note: The Gurkha Welfare Trust does not give financial advice and recommends that for further questions relating to personal financial matters, donors should contact their personal adviser or local tax office before making their donation.

Contacting the GWT

If you would like to learn more about donating shares, please contact Piers Lawson, our Major Giving Manager, on:

T: 01722 343 102

E: pierslawson@gwt.org.uk

Alternatively, find out about the various ways to donate.

Did you know?

We’ll spend over £18 million this year on our work in Nepal.

That’s £49,000 each day to improve the lives of our old Gurkhas and their communities.

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