In battle, a Gurkha would depend on his water bottle even more than his kukri knife

But today, it’s us he depends on to get the water he needs.

Most of us take it for granted, but for Gurkha veterans and widows having easy access to safe water is a lifeline. Without it, many face travelling long distances to collect water that may be polluted and endanger their lives. Delivering clean, safe water to drink and providing good sanitation has also been shown to dramatically decrease waterborne illnesses which could be fatal to our older Gurkha veterans and widows. And water isn’t just for drinking.

Our Gurkha veterans and their communities will also use it to create simple drip irrigation systems that help to grow vegetables. This will enable them to continue to produce food through the dry season and eat a healthy diet.

We have developed a tried and tested programme for bringing water to Gurkha veterans, their widows and communities – no matter how tough the terrain. And everything – bags of cement, all the pipes and every last washer – is costed and sourced for each individual project. But we couldn’t do it without your generous support.

There are many challenges, but with your help, we can bring clean and safe water to Gurkha veterans and their communities.

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