Rob Abernethy’s Cycle Across Nepal

On 1 January, Rob Abernethy started his epic 2,200km journey cycling unsupported across Nepal.

The former Gurkha officer is pedalling across the country to raise £100,000 to rebuild a school in rural Nepal and give children a safe space to learn.

While the rest of us were sleeping off our Christmas dinners, Rob departed the UK for India on 29 December. He began his challenge in Darjeeling on New Years Day. From there he will cycle west across Nepal, before eventually finishing the other side in Landsdowne, India.

Finishing in Landsdowne is an important part of the trip for the former Gurkha:

“My great cousin (William Kenny) was an officer in the Garwhal Rifles (Indian Army) and won a Victoria Cross on the NW Frontier in 1920 – there is a wonderful painting of him in the Officers Mess of the Garwhal Rifles in Lansdowne, my final destination. He and his exploits were a significant driver in my decision to join the British Army.”

Track Rob’s cycle across Nepal

For live tracking, visit Rob’s website.

Help Rob hit his £100k target

If you’d like to make a donation to help Rob hit his target of 100,000 to build a school in Nepal, visit his JustGiving page.

Rob’s cycle across Nepal in pictures

See below for live updates from Rob’s Instagram feed.

19 January


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Chisapani. One thing you DO NOT DO on rest day in Kohalpur is Google “Tiger Attacks in Bardia National Park”. Muppet. Did not enjoy rest day. Up at dawn. Faff at checkout. Pedals up late.These are Royal Bengal Tigers. Asked the guard at entrance to Bardia if safe to travel through Park Area 1. Affirmative – less than x5 ? close to the road recently. Trees were set back from road.Looked ok. Did not move from middle line. Big dog gear. Massive leg pump. Developed habit of touching hunting ?. Saw ?- are they endangered Gharial or Mugger? Gharial I think. Hammered through Park Area 1. Intense. Seriously intense.? ? ? ? Saw masses of ?. V quick to Park Area 2 – 25km to Chisapani. x2 crashes…. Long discussion with guard who would not let me continue. x2 ? seen last night. Where were you looking @cocoandgeorge30? Explained I was a former Gurkha Officer familiar with jungle of Brunei…he laughed. I was relieved.? But…I was going to cycle through Bardia. After a little chat (?) we agreed compromise. Cycle ahead of escort vehicle. Payment on safe escort ?…HBS. Escort v small white lawnmower. Wish we agreed ‘Actions on Tiger’…we didn’t. Didn’t agree anything. Nepali awful. In mind, jump off bike and run to lawnmower. Tiger could probably eat lawnmower? Glugged customary Sprite…then…put the hammer down. Seriously put the hammer down. Headwind. Didn’t care. Massive leg pump. Jungle closed in. Suffocating. Lots of ? – can you spot young ? amongst them. On, on. Big tall grasses perfect for ? ambush. Forgot about ?. Relieved when spotted other vehicles on the road. Otherwise v quiet save lawnmower behind. Driver smiling – course he was. Now Chisapani – home to v large suspension bridge…one for @mikedudge. Nice lodging. Tomorrow I head for Bhimdatta…longest day. Conference call 1630. Then Lansdowne via Rudrapur, Kashipur and Kotdwar. Lansdowne – home to Garwhal Rifles. My great cousin William David Kenny VC – VC painting in Officer’s Mess. ☘️ VC. More big days ahead…Nepal then Uttarakhand. ??? (new emoji @valerieetfilles ?)still to come in National Park. Circa 9 more days….still ?.

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17 January


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Kohalpur. Massive day. Monster day. Wanted a big one. Hour delay at check out frustrating. Rain, rain, rain. Nothing but ? & ?. Two plans as from 50km to 110km no lodging and in ?. Jungle after dark not an option. ?. ? & ?. Plan A (unlikely) – push to Kohalpur…110km. Cheeky 10km hill at the start and first 20km all mud. Plan B (safer) – early bath at 50km and bed down at Nepalese Army jungle camp. Visitors allowed? ?? Roared out of Tulsipur. Out of the saddle for first hill. Strong. Massive ?. Wet to core. Serious downpours. Bounced over hill. Down the other side to Amiliya. Slippy mud. Wet. Witnessed first crash in ?. Al fine…laughing? On, on. Hit main highway. Namaste to ?‍♂️ at entrance to Banke National Park.?‍♂️ waved back and ticked a box. On, on. Fast track. Hammer down in big dog gears. Tarmac mostly. ?. A few hills. Dialled in. #thornnomadmk2 v happy. Jungle was consuming. V close. ?s. Not my ? and ?s. ?. Lots of ?. Presumed ? would take them before me? Concerned about mechanical in the wilderness. Mind played tricks. What could go wrong that I can’t fix. Was every bush twitching? On, on. No elevenses, no lunch. Nosebag in the saddle. Army ration biscuits x 2. x1 left. Thank you @johnny6719 and @john_of_pokhara. All water imbibed. Still ?. Witnessed second crash – bus ? off road. All fine. Police on site. Passed Plan B last safe moment…big call. Must make Kohalpur before dark. Looked up after 5hrs at 80km. Nice man appeared as I bonked (out of⛽️). Sprite. ? First time off pedals in 5hrs. Focused. Arrived in Kohalpur. Stopped ?! Great ?. Hotel Central Plaza. Full dhobi. All kit sodden and muddy. Shoes saturated. Knees swollen. Big day. 110km in 6hrs. Kit worked. Pleased with myself…more than usual.?. Tired. Plan tomorrow…not sure. 3 days ahead of schedule but all can change too quickly. Rest day or 85km to Chisapani? Another National Park, Bardia…more ? & ?. Will ? on it. Thank you for your support. Genuinely appreciated.

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1 January

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With my new friend the immigration officer. Apparently first person through Kakarbhitta immigration in 2020.

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