Our homes

An innovative response

For some of our elderly veterans and widows, money alone is not enough to ensure a dignified life. Without an extended family or village community to care for them in old age, they can find themselves isolated and independent life in a mountain village becomes no longer sustainable.

We want to ensure that all of our pensioners can live out their days with the comfort and dignity they deserve. The Residential Homes are an innovative and ground-breaking development for our ageing soldiers who require extra support.

High standards of care

Our homes combine the very best in western geriatric medicine with an eastern culture of respect for elders. With no comparable project in Nepal, they set the standard for care for the elderly.

The staff look after us very well. One of them is from the same tribe as me – I think of him like my own son

Nandakala Rana, resident at The Kulbir Thapa VC Home

A dedicated team of staff provides round-the-clock, comprehensive care to ensure a worry free old age for residents. Special attention has been given to their long-term needs, especially in the area of medical care.

Each resident has a private room with en-suite that provides a comfortable retreat, while social activities are on offer every day.

A home, not a hospice

By providing a real home, not a hospice or hotel, the Trust has helped our veterans to rediscover that inner spirit that made them the soldiers they once were.

Kulbir Thapa VC Home

Opened in Pokhara, west Nepal in November 2010 and is a sanctuary for 26 of our most vulnerable Welfare Pensioners.

Rambahadur Limbu VC Home

Located in Dharan, east Nepal, our second home was completed in October 2013 and houses a further 26 of our pensioners.

Case study: Rifleman Saga Tamang

The inspiration for these homes comes from pensioners such as Saga Tamang.

Saga joined the Gurkhas in 1942 at the age of 17 and fought with the 4th Gurkha Rifles. During his service, Saga was severely wounded by shrapnel and hospitalised for six months.

On returning from service to the hills of Nepal, Saga was widowed and found himself living in destitution with one of his three sons. His family were so poor that they were unable to give Saga the care he needed.

Saga felt abandoned and embarked on a life as a lone shepherd, wandering the hills looking after a few livestock. He worried what would happen to him should he fall ill or injure himself and was living a lonely existence.

A new home for an old soldier

He was advised by one of GWT's local Welfare Officers to apply for a place in our Residential Home. His application was successful and he moved to the home in December 2012. Saga was found to have been suffering from hypertension and was extremely frail. With our support, his health has since improved dramatically.

Saga has settled well into his new home. He enjoys the company of the other residents and is no longer sick or lonely.

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Special thanks

We're grateful to all those involved in the Residential Homes project.

In particular, we thank The Michael Uren Foundation for funding the building costs of both homes, and Michaelis Boyd Associates who designed the homes pro bono as a gift to GWT.

Thanks also to Queen Mary's Roehampton Trust for their generous support of the homes' running costs.

The Trust at a glance

A brief summary of what we do and our plans for the coming years.

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