What's the damage?

The Nepal earthquakes in 2015 left over 3 million people without a home. Some remote Himalayan villages were reduced almost entirely to rubble.

Around 1,200 Gurkha homes were among those destroyed. A further 500 veterans or widows approached us for help with repairs to minor damage that left them vulnerable to future collapse.

How are we helping?

As part of our initial relief effort, we distributed thousands of temporary shelters to provide some protection from the monsoon rains and winter cold.

Now, our teams are rebuilding all of the 1,200 destroyed homes and funding repairs to 500 damaged homes.

How long will it take?

We aim to complete most of our home builds in time for the monsoon in June 2017. The programme will cost us over £5.5 million in total.

We’re committed to ensuring our veterans and widows, many of whom are over 80 years old, are back in warm, safe homes as soon as possible.

Our homes

Below are some of the features of GWT-built homes for Gurkha veterans and widows. Check out our step by step construction guide to see how we strengthen our homes against future earthquakes.

Can you rehouse a Gurkha pensioner?

If an individual or a group is able to fund the entire cost of a home – around £7,150 – we'd be delighted to work with them.

As well as earning the gratitude of one of our pensioners, we can also erect a plaque acknowledging the gift that made the home possible.

For more details on how to fund a pensioner’s home, please contact us on info@gwt.org.uk or 01722 323 955.

Case study: Rifleman Dharamsing Tamang

Rifleman Dharamsing Tamang is a veteran of Malaya and Borneo. As an anti-tank infantryman, Dharamsing risked life and limb every time he was on patrol.

50 years later, what little Dharamsing had was shaken to pieces by the 2015 earthquakes. He and his wife, Doma, narrowly avoided being crushed by their collapsing home.

On 11 February 2016, thanks to our support, Dharamsing became the first of our pensioners to move in to his new home.

To help others like Dharamsing and Doma, please support us by donating online or see other ways to donate.

Help us rebuild lives

Please help us to rebuild the homes of old Gurkha veterans and widows whose lives were reduced to rubble.

Earthquake statistics

Overall impact:

  • Over 8,900 killed
  • Over 22,000 injured
  • Over 600,000 homes destroyed
  • Over 3 million people displaced

Impact on Gurkha veterans and GWT projects:

  • 13 veterans or widows killed
  • 1,700+ homes damaged or destroyed
  • 161 school projects damaged
  • 78 water projects damaged
  • 1 Welfare Centre destroyed
The Trust at a glance

A brief summary of what we do and our plans for the coming years.

Take a look at an infographic covering the Trust's work in 2015-16.