12th July 2018

Trailwalker 2018 event has been cancelled

The Trailwalker UK event, which was scheduled for this weekend (13-15 July), has been cancelled due to adverse weather conditions.

As you will be aware, temperatures have been exceptionally high throughout the UK over the past weeks. The Army have been seeking advice from MoD sources, in addition to sending military personnel out on the course to measure weather readings and to determine whether conditions during Trailwalker will allow participants to take part in a safe environment.

Unfortunately, most recent weather readings show that heat conditions are set to rise above the threshold which is considered safe for event participation, and therefore it was decided this morning that we need to cancel the event.

We understand that for many this will be disappointing. Please know that we are so enormously grateful for all of your hard work training and for your fundraising efforts and we share your frustration at not being able to undertake Trailwalker this year. But safety has to be the number one priority. Rest assured the mighty challenge will be waiting for you next year.

More information

Oxfam have compiled a list of answers to questions that teams may have here.

For specific questions and enquiries please contact events@oxfam.org.uk. They will do their best to answer your questions as quickly as they can, and to help in any way possible.

In terms of the funds raised from the event, this is understandably a big loss for us. With Nepal now in the grips of a worse-than-usual monsoon season our beneficiaries are in need more than ever of the support we give them. We will do our best to fundraise in other ways so that we can provide the medical care, financial support and other community support we give to Gurkha veterans and widows in-country.

From everyone in the Oxfam, The Gurkha Welfare Trust and Queen’s Gurkha Signals Trailwalker Operation teams, we are truly sorry to not be able to run the event this year. Thank you again for your understanding and we look forward to seeing you next year.