9th October 2014

The Brotherhood Band

Brothers of the Brigade of Gurkhas

The Brotherhood Band is made up of Major Hemkumar Tamang and Major Jase Buckley of the 2nd Battalion The Royal Gurkha Rifles. The pair has served together for several years, including through tours of Afghanistan in 2009 and 2011.The band’s music is a fusion of traditional Nepali music with Western touches. Lyrics are sung in both Nepali and English and relate to life in the Brigade of Gurkhas, running now for 200 years! Jase and Hemkumar have released an album – Gurkhali Saathi (“Gurkha Friends”) – to celebrate the bicentenary of Gurkha service and the strong sense of brotherhood that endures in the Brigade.

The Brotherhood Band – Spirit Is Stronger
Where can I buy the album?

All proceeds from this excellent album will go directly towards The Gurkha Welfare Trust’s work supporting ex-Gurkhas and their communities in Nepal and the UK.

Get your copy from iTunes today.

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