27th October 2021

Rehabilitating pensioners: Getting Hausari back on her feet

Our Residential Homes in Kaski and Dharan provide round-the-clock care to some of our most vulnerable Gurkha veterans and widows, who would otherwise struggle to live alone.

Along with providing a high standard of care, our Residential Homes provide temporary bed spaces for veterans and widows who need rehabilitation after suffering from injuries and other physical ailments.

Helping a widow walk again

Gurkha widow Hausari Gurung, aged 80, sustained a severe back injury 30 years ago after falling from a tree. As she grew older, the injury gradually caused her to develop scoliosis, kyphosis, back pain, and weakness of her limbs. Eventually, she was unable to walk or stand.

Hausari started receiving rehabilitation therapy at our Kaski Residential Home in February 2020. Little by little, through daily stretching, exercise, and gait training, she gained the strength to stand up and walk on her own.

During a pensioner’s rehabilitation, we also seek to improve their nutrition, hygiene, and social wellbeing, boosting their overall quality of life so they can live happily. Once veterans and widows leave rehabilitation, we provide their carers with follow-up advice on how to continue exercises and therapies at home.

Hausari’s success story is one of many at our Residential Homes. We are committed to aiding Gurkha veterans and widows in their times of greatest need.

Watch Hausari’s incredible journey below.


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