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It is important to us that veterans and widows enjoy their stay in our Residential Homes, which is why our staff go the extra mile to hold celebrations for birthdays, ceremonies and festivals.

One of the most recent celebrations we held at our Residential Home in Dharan was Sakela, one of the main festivals that the Kirat people observe in Nepal.

Those who celebrate Sakela invoke mother nature to provide good crops and protect against natural disasters.

The festival is celebrated twice per year. The Sakela Ubhauli ceremony takes place in late spring to mark the beginning of the farming year. In late autumn, Sakela Udhauli marks the end of the harvest season.

While wearing traditional attire, residents at our Dharan home took part in a ceremonial Sakela dance, where the dance moves, known as sili, reflect different aspects of human life and their relationship with nature.

See more of our Residential Home's Sakela celebrations in the photo gallery below.

Celebrating Sakela at our Dharan Residential Home



Meet the Team: Mohan Bahadur Disha, Assistant Area Welfare Officer

Mohan is an Assistant Area Welfare Officer at our Area Welfare Centre in Tehrathum. In 1994, he enlisted with the Gurkha Contingent Singapore Police Force (GCSPF). After retiring, he decided to join our team in Nepal to provide vital financial and medical aid to other Gurkha veterans and their families.

“The Gurkha Welfare Trust is the most well-known organisation in Nepal, and it is an opportunity to serve the beneficiaries – that’s why I chose to join the team.”


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How long have you worked for The Gurkha Welfare Trust?

About three months.

What are your goals when you visit our pensioners in remote areas of Nepal?

When we visit our pensioners’ homes, we want to see how they are doing and if they are having any issues. We provide their medical check-ups, and deliver their pension if they are unable to make the trip to our Area Welfare Centre.

How do you travel to pensioners’ homes? What are the roads conditions like?

We travel by motorbike. Most of the roads are dusty and uneven.

How long does it take to reach Gurkha veterans and widows?

The longest journey to reach our pensioners takes around five hours, and other journeys can take a bit less time.

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Happy Birthday!

Our staff helped Gurkha veteran Mukta Sing Thapa celebrate his 100th birthday.

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A Nepali Folk Song

One of our residents in Dharan remembers an Eastern Nepali folk song about flowers and youth.

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