Your exclusive update from Nepal.

Bordering India, Nepal is often considered to be a hot country.

However, it can get extremely cold during the winter as temperatures plummet to sub-zero. It can get particularly cold in hilly areas such as Diktel, Bhojpur, Khandbari and Terahthum, which poses a risk for the elderly veterans and widows we look after there.

To help our vulnerable pensioners stay warm this winter we’ve been distributing blankets in addition to the usual Welfare Pensions and medication they receive. And these aren’t just any blankets, they’re gigantic 2m x 2m faux-fur rugs. Weighing over 4kg each, they’re really

heavy too. Perfect for the winter months ahead.

The massive size of the blankets has meant that it was hard to squeeze many of them into our vehicles. But that hasn’t stopped us from reaching out to every Gurkha veteran and widow who needs one. And the pensioners and their families love them. They’re so proud to have an organisation who take extra care of them at this time of year. This of course would not be possible without your generosity.

Meet the team

Captain Purna Limbu is one of our Senior Area Welfare Officers, responsible for four of our Welfare Centres in eastern Nepal. He’s been working with us since 2008.

Purna served with the Brigade of Gurkhas for 28 years in Hong Kong, Brunei, Cyprus, Norway, Germany, Belize, the Falkland Islands, USA, Canada, Australia , Sierra Leone, Bosnia and Afghanistan.

“I joined the Gurkhas to give my family a better future and to explore the world.”

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“Once I left the Army, I immediately joined The Gurkha Welfare Trust to help needy people in communities in my country.”

“When I applied, I wasn’t looking at the T&Cs! I’ve always wanted to help people and that’s exactly what we do here at The Gurkha Welfare Trust.”

“The best part of the job is being with our beneficiaries. My heart goes with them.”

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