Your exclusive update from Nepal.

Your wonderful generosity means our brave Gurkha veterans and widows can receive the medical care and support they need.

Over the last eight months, our Pensioner Support Team has been travelling to the most remote corners of Nepal to offer medical care and welfare support to more and more of our pensioners.

They include veterans like Rfn Jangabahadur Pun (pictured right) and Abir Purja, who both fought alongside British soldiers in World War Two. You can meet these two

brave men in our latest video, and see how your regular donations will help them and other Gurkha pensioners to live in dignity, not hardship.

Over the next few months, your ongoing support will help us expand our operations right across Nepal so we can reach even more pensioners, delivering life-supporting care wherever they live.

Meet the team

Rupak Thapa Magar (pictured) and Tirtharaj Gurung travel across Nepal on their bikes and in their 4x4s to reach Gurkha pensioners who live in the most remote corners of this beautiful and mountainous country. Delivering medical treatment, Welfare Pensions and care to our most vulnerable veterans and widows, they can be on the road for many days at a time.

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The monsoon can make things tough!

“Hello there. I’m Rupak Thapa Magar and I’m a Mobile Health Assistant. I’m responsible for making home visits to the Welfare Pensioners’ homes, checking up on them, prescribing medicines, recommending any medical aids and referring them to hospitals if necessary. If there are complications, I’ll consult with the Cluster Medical Lead doctor who’s based in Area Welfare Centre Kaski.”

Planning is everything.

“I have to plan my deployment with the Area Welfare Officer and prepare all the medicines that need to be carried. We complete a risk assessment form for every pensioner, so our teams know what to expect on each visit.”

“We usually deploy for three to four days in the field so we have to prepare accordingly. We mostly deploy on motorbikes but sometimes the terrain is so tough that we have to make the journey on foot.”

“The deployment depends on the weather; the monsoon can make things treacherous as the dirt roads get very muddy.”



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Meet Rifleman Jangabahadur Pun

Learn more about one of the Pensioners Rupak and the team visited.

We’ll post more updates from this intrepid team and their colleagues in the coming months.

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