Your exclusive update from Nepal.

Battling COVID-19 in Nepal

With the continuing outbreak of India’s COVID-19 strain across South East Asia, Nepal has been overwhelmed with a surge in cases, and sadly, hospitalisations and deaths. The country’s long permeable border with India has allowed the virus to spread and will continue for some time.  The border closure has been extended as well as limited movement within the country.

The Trust has been incredibly fortunate to receive an anonymous donation of vital medical equipment (including Personal Protection Equipment, oxygen concentrators, and pulse oximeters) valued over £500,000 to help the fight. This equipment has been arriving at our Welfare Centres across Nepal and being distributed at pace to local hospitals and health facilities most in need.

Meet the team: Hisila Ale, Mobile Health Practitioner

Hisila is originally from Manung, Tanahu in the beautiful hilly region of western Nepal. Hisila joined GWT in 2019 and is based at our Myadgi Welfare Centre in western Nepal.  She spends more than 50% of her time visiting pensioners at their homes providing comprehensive assessments and primary healthcare and examinations. While not out in the field, Hisila works at the Welfare Centre providing consultations to pensioners and looking after the clinical equipment and environment.

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“My favourite thing about my job is to feel the utmost contentment every single time I visit the old pensioners and their widows. Their smiles and happiness on their face after our visit are exceptional. Those beautiful smiles coming out of the wrinkles are the source of irresistible impulse to visit them time and again.”

“Working for GWT means taking the blessings from the pensioners who resemble my grandparents and bringing a smile on their face, an absolute moment of delight along with exploring the beautiful aura of Nepal.”

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Updates from Nepal

Before the latest lockdown in Nepal, we were able to run a medical camp and change the lives of 198 individuals. The medical camp was run at our Area Welfare Centre in Tehrathum.

In memory of GWT staff member Gam Bahadur Gurung. It is with great sadness that we inform our supporters of the passing of GWT staff member Gam Bahadur Gurung.

Listen now: An interview with Gurkha legend John P Cross OBE.
The Gurkha Welfare Trust podcast features interviews from the Gurkha veterans and widows we care for, along with some of our most interesting friends of the Trust.