19th April 2017

Rebuilding Lives: Baldhan and Budhini

Former Gurkha Rifleman Baldhan Ghale and his wife Budhini were one of the first couples to move into their brand new, quake-resistant home after theirs was destroyed in the 2015 earthquakes.

The couple had just finished eating dinner when the first earthquake struck. The ground was shaking so immensely that they couldn’t stand. As they ran outside, people around them were shouting in a state of panic.

Once the rumbling finished, their house had been completely destroyed. Thanks to the help of our supporters and our dedicated on-the-ground staff, we were able to provide them with immediate support.

Emergency aid

The couple received emergency support within 48 hours of the quake. Baldhan says:

“We (the ex-Gurkha community) were told to meet at a certain place and they (The Gurkha Welfare Trust) gave us packs with food and some money. It was a welcome relief at the time.”

The following months were hard. GWT staff built Baldhan and Budhini a temporary shelter to live in whilst they rebuilt their home. However, these living conditions were far from ideal. Baldhan recalled:

“In the shelter, the floor was just tarpaulin. We were worried that snakes would get in. The wind, the rain, the heat – everything was a concern.”

Light at the end of the tunnel

Building work on their new earthquake-resistant home was completed last November and they moved in shortly after. Budhini says:

“We could never have built this by ourselves. I’m confident this will hold up against the next earthquake. It’s hard to describe the feeling, life is much better now.”

Baldhan and Budhini live in one of 26 homes that we’ve built in the village of Barpak and the surrounding area. Throughout Nepal we have either completed or are nearing completion of 1,000 homes. There are, however, still Gurkha veterans waiting for construction to begin and we need your help.

We’re very lucky to have this place. Hopefully everyone else will soon be as lucky as us.

You can help us make sure no man gets left behind by donating to our appeal.

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