24th February 2021

Listen now: An interview with Gurkha veteran Kulman Rai

The Gurkha Welfare Trust podcast features interviews from the Gurkha veterans and widows we care for, along with some of our most interesting friends of the Trust.

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The third in our podcast series features an interview with Kulman Rai, a 97 year-old Gurkha veteran who bravely served during World War Two.  Like many other Gurkha veterans before him, Kulman faced a life of hardship when he returned to Nepal after the war.

Thanks to donations from our wonderful supporters, we have been delivering a pension to Kulman’s home so that he has enough money to get by along with any medicine and medical care he needs. We also built Kulman a brand new earthquake-resilient home to protect him against natural disasters and monsoon rain.

Previous podcast episodes

Episode two: an exclusive interview with Nims Purja MBE, a Gurkha veteran and mountain climbing legend

When Nims the Forces he had his heart set on one thing. A challenge which took him to the highest peaks around the world and one that has consumed his every day since.

In 189 days, Nims completed his challenge to climb to the top of the 14 tallest mountains on the planet, beating the world record by more than seven years.

We caught up with Nims earlier this year to chat about his incredible achievements, and his new book Beyond Possible: One Soldier, Fourteen Peaks – My Life in the Death Zone.

Episode one: Rifleman Rana Bahadur Tamang

The first episode kicks off with Rifleman Rana Bahadur Tamang, a 96 year-old Gurkha veteran who valiantly served in the Parachute Regiment at the end of World War Two.

At just 16 years-old, Rifleman Rana Bahadur Tamang was recruited to be a Gurkha from his home in Darbang, west Nepal. He went on to train for two years, learning how to shoot, how to fight and how to survive in the jungle.

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Stay tuned for more fascinating Gurkha stories in the new year.

We’d like to say a special thank you to Rana and Nims for the interviews, and to The Band of the Brigade of Gurkhas for the stunning intro music.

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