1st April 2020

Gurkha veterans like Indrabahadur Rai can live with dignity thanks to donations from the British public

A walk a day keeps the doctor away

When we went to visit 95 year-old Gurkha veteran Indrabahadur Rai at his home in Bhojpur, Nepal recently, he wasn’t in – he was out on his daily walk. It’s something he swears keeps him young – and he looks great!

“I walk at least 3-4 hours a day, about 5-6 KM. I have to walk every single day, if I don’t then I will get sick, I will lose my appetite and won’t feel normal. So, as soon as I eat my lunch I go for a walk.”

Serving during World War Two

We begin by visiting potential villages to assess their needs and test logistics regarding the water provision.

Indra was recruited into the Gurkhas in 1941.

“The war was very difficult. I was fortunate because I was in the signals. We had to stay in the headquarters. We didn’t have to go in the firing line. We had to carry a wireless. I had to operate telephones before. There were no mobiles like now, small and easy to carry. Back then, there used to be heavy communications equipment.”

When the war was over and the Army downsized, Indra was released and returned to Nepal without any form of income.

An income thanks to the British public

Thanks to our wonderful supporters, Indra receives a monthly pension which allows him to afford life’s essentials and live with dignity in Nepal.

“Due to your help and support, many people are still living, people have been able to sustain their livelihoods. People have been able to sit and eat. My blessings to you all. May you live longer so that you can keep supporting people like us.”

“I would like to thank all of you for your support from the bottom of my heart. Thank you.”

Eat, work and sleep

At 95 years old and going strong, we were keen for Indra to share his secret with us for a long and healthy life:

“The first thing is work, food and rest, these are the things you should focus on. You have to sweat out at least once a day. I am telling you this from my own experience. The more I work the more appetite I will have, and you will have such a wonderful sound sleep, you will feel so relaxed and you won’t even know when you fall asleep. If you sit in one place doing nothing, then your body will start paining. If you cannot sleep, then that is also a type of disease. So, work, eat and sleep.”

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