26th October 2021

Building homes for the families of heroes

Since the devastating earthquake of 2015, thanks to your support we have been working hard to rebuild homes for Gurkha veterans and widows across Nepal. These homes are designed to an earthquake-resilient standard, to give our pensioners the best chance of staying safe should the worst happen.

To-date, we have built over 1,500 new homes and your donations have also allowed us to make vital repairs to some pre-existing homes, such as fixing roofs and mending walls after damage caused by monsoon rains and landslides.

After giving so much, the least Gurkha veterans and their families deserve is a safe place to call home.

Widow Thagisara Thapa

Thagisara lost her husband, a former Gurkha soldier, in 2008. She lives in a village in the Syangja district of Nepal. Her old home had cracks along the walls, which weakened the structure of the house as the gaps slowly widened.

“The house got cracks after the earthquake,” said Thagisara. “They were small before and I had thought they were holes made by mice, but they started getting bigger. I went to the local authorities but couldn’t get any help.

“My sons had advised me to leave this area and settle near the town, but I didn’t want to. I have lived here for over 50 years now. I told them they could go if they wanted to, but I wasn’t going anywhere.”

Luckily, Thagisara did not have to leave her beloved village. After getting in touch with a member of our team, her home was approved for renovation.

Today, Thagisara is thrilled with her new home, which she chose to paint in bright and cheery colours. “Oh, I don’t know what I’d have done [without the GWT],” she said. “Probably borrow from others and survive on what I had. It would be very hard!”


Widow Sarasati Thapa

Widow Sarasati and her family live in a village west of Butwal. Before our intervention, she lived in a two-room hut built with mud and bamboo that was over 15 years old. With the walls beginning to crack, the house was no longer safe to live in.

We were pleased to build a sturdy, earthquake-resilient home for Sarasati and her loved ones. “I won’t have to worry about cracked walls and leaking roof,” she said. “I like this house very much. Dhanyabad (thank you) to all.”


Widow Thagikumari Khatri

Thagikumari’s late husband served in the 2nd Gurkha Rifles before returning to their home in the Nepali hills. After suffering financial hardship, they lost their home to money lenders and decided to move to the Terai with the money they had left. They could only afford to build their home with mud and stone.

“My old house was made of mud and stone with a thatched roof,” said Thagikumari. “It would leak in the monsoon, and I could not collect the straw required to thatch the roof. So, I did ask [the GWT] if there was any way I could get help.

“Now I have a new house now with a tin-roof. I like it very much. I am very, very happy!”


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