21st March 2016

Bringing water to an extra 22,500 people

In partnership with the UK government, we’ve committed to providing access to water for over 22,500 extra people in Nepal by the end of 2020.

Our current programme, which delivers clean water supplies and sanitation schemes in rural villages, will increase by a further 120 projects over the next 4 years.

What we currently do

For over 40 years, we’ve been transforming lives by bringing water to people’s doorsteps. Funded with UK aid from the UK government, our water projects form an important part of our community support in Nepal.

Our projects install tap stands and toilets for homes, schools and health posts in remote communities, while running educational initiatives to help people understand the importance of improved sanitation.

As a result of our work in the communities we visit, sickness rates and labour hours are drastically reduced – especially among women and children – while crop yields and income generation are greatly improved. To date, our Rural Water and Sanitation Programme (RWSP) has benefited over 300,000 people.

Water is life. It gives us so much happiness I cannot describe it. A big, big thank you to GWT.

Devi Maya Tamang, 86 years old, Gaduwa village in central Nepal

The 2015 earthquakes

After the earthquakes in April and May of last year (2015), many of our existing water projects were damaged and the central region of Nepal was particularly badly affected.

As these areas undertake comprehensive rebuilding processes, it’s essential they have continual and convenient access to clean water sources to enhance the health and livelihood of these communities.

In many cases, additional horizontal and vertical drilling projects are required to provide access to water because previous water sources in the ground have shifted as a result of the quakes.

Stepping up the programme

In partnership with DFID, we plan on increasing our activities over the next four years using an additional £4.5m in UK aid funding.

Almost a year since the devastating earthquakes in Nepal… Our support will mean thousands of people, often in remote communities, can get vital access to clean water.

Justine Greening, International Development Secretary

From 2016-20 we propose constructing an extra 120 water projects. These additional projects will benefit an additional 3,400 households with around 22,500 people, deliver 2,850 household toilets and up to 35 school toilets.

Not only do waterborne diseases reduce by up to 95% in places where clean water sources are installed, the economic return for local Nepali citizens can be up to £5 for every £1 we spend[1]. In short, these projects make a massive difference to remote communities.

Where are our projects?

The map below illustrates where our current water projects are situated, where damage has been sustained and where we aim to build this year.

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