UK Gurkha communities come together for Nepal

Former Gurkha soldiers in Catterick have been raising money for the GWT.Read more

Rifleman Dharamsing Tamang’s Story

After serving as a Gurkha for 11 years, Dharamsing faced a life of hardship due to injury and the loss of his home in the Nepal earthquakes in 2015.Read more

Former Gurkhas’ gift to Nepal

Welfare Centres back up and running thanks to the 6th Gurkha Rifles (6GR).Read more

Meet Gurkha veteran Lalbahadur Pun

Almost 76 years ago, in the midst of World War Two, Lalbahadur Pun signed up to become a Gurkha. He's now living in one of our Residential Homes.Read more

Watch: Stories from the frontline

77 years ago Gurkha veteran Sarbadhoj Limbu signed up to serve the British Army. Little did he know there were great struggles ahead of him...Read more

The Gurkha widow bringing water to her village

74-year-old widow Mani Chhetri has been instrumental in providing her village with accessible clean waterRead more

A new home for a hero

We have recently completed building a brand new earthquake-resistant home for Gurkha veteran Muktasing ThapaRead more

New homes for two Gurkha brothers

Kul and Gunga are brothers. Both of their homes were destroyed two years ago in the Nepal earthquakes.Read more

Rebuilding Lives: Baldhan and Budhini

Former Gurkha Rifleman Baldhan Ghale and his wife Budhini were one of the first couples to move into their brand new, quake-resistant homeRead more

Watch: Beside every great man...

Gurkha widow Tulsi Maya Ghale is a brave and upbeat woman with a story to tell and a new house to tell it from.Read more