Our mission

The Gurkha Welfare Trust aims to provide welfare to enable Gurkha ex-servicemen, their dependants and their communities to live their lives with dignity, primarily in Nepal but increasingly in the UK and elsewhere.

Our vision

The Trust's vision is to enable Gurkhas to live their lives with dignity

Our work in Nepal

The Trust was originally established in 1969 to relieve poverty and distress amongst ex-Gurkha soldiers and their dependants in Nepal. We've since expanded our mission to include Gurkha communities and, where there's a clear need, to ex-Gurkhas outside Nepal as well.


Today, a key focus is providing financial aid for around 5,800 elderly Gurkha veterans and their widows in Nepal who aren't eligible for the standard Army pension and who now face poverty.

Most are in their 80s and 90s and are heavily reliant on our support for a secure old age. For those who are unable to live independently, we offer residential care.


Our comprehensive medical programme offers free primary healthcare to all Gurkha veterans and widows – currently over 20,000 of them – as well as their dependants in Nepal.

The scheme includes full-time medical staff at our Welfare Centres, subsidised hospital treatment and mobile care in remote areas.


We also deliver community aid to rural villages in Nepal, installing clean water and sanitation systems, building and refurbishing schools and running mobile medical camps.

Our work in the UK

Increased numbers of Gurkhas have settled in the UK and the Trust has responded.


As the lead charity for Gurkha welfare, we provide advice and information to those Gurkhas who have chosen to make their home in Britain.

We assist veterans by signposting the support offered by other Service charities and Government bodies. However, our focus remains Nepal and the retired Gurkha soldiers and widows living there who face hardship every day.

The charity

The Trust is a registered charity (Reg Charity No. 1103669) that relies on the generosity of the general public to support its welfare and relief work.

The Trust at a glance

A brief summary of what we do and our plans for the coming years.

Take a look at an infographic covering the Trust's work in 2015-16.

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