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Job title:  Medical Director
Location: Pokhara, Nepal with regional travel
Legal entity: Gurkha Welfare Trust
Reports functionality to: Field Director Gurkha Welfare Trust (Nepal)
Works closely with: Medical Trustee & Director Gurkha Welfare Trust
Reports administratively to: Field Director Gurkha Welfare Trust (Nepal)
Medical interface with: All Medical Staff, Cluster Commanders and Area Welfare Officers.

Organisational Overview

The Gurkha Welfare Trust (GWT) is a UK registered charity that targets hardship and distress amongst Gurkha pensioners and their dependants. The Trust’s operational arm, the Gurkha Welfare Trust (Nepal) (GWT(N)) operates 21 clinics within the Area Welfare Centres (AWC) located across Nepal and one in Darjeeling in India. Through these clinics, the GWT provides a medical programme with approximately 150 staff delivering primary healthcare to about 20,000 ex-Gurkha servicemen and dependants. In addition, it manages a subsidised repayment scheme for secondary care for the same dependency.

Position Overview

The Medical Director is responsible for the medical management, quality assurance and delivery of primary and emergency health care services throughout GWT(N). The Medical Director will oversee the administration, continuing medical education, clinical governance, quality assurance and training of all medical staff. The Medical Director will support the AWCs by ensuring a quality focused maintenance of health standards, working closely with the Senior Medical Practitioner (SMP) in Headquarters GWT(N) to ensure the medical personnel receive the clinical guidance, support and supervision required to deliver high quality medical care within a clearly defined clinical governance framework.

Main Purpose

The Medical Director is a key member of the GWT(N) Senior Management Team, answerable to the Field Director on non-clinical matters. He/she is responsible for shaping the culture and strategic vision for the medical team and effectively communicating this to staff. He/she is to drive a culture of professional learning and improvement across all clinical areas.

Key Responsibilities

Patient Care (click to expand)

• Provide effective professional leadership for all medical staff, acting as clinical mentor to the SMP and other physicians.

• Serve as the Medical Adviser for a country-wide network of primary care orientated practices and ensure the delivery of evidence based best medical practice, continuity of care, follow-up and referral.

• Lead on the development of appropriate care pathways throughout GWT(N).

• Implement a coordinated system of healthcare across the AWCs and Residential Homes, including the services delivered remotely by Pensioner Support Teams.

• Lead the implementation of preventative care strategies, including the structuring and performing of medical screening services and the delivery of a systemic programme of patient education.

• Establish standardised diagnostic and emergency response capabilities across the AWCs and (subject to GWT agreement) continue to develop the telehealth solution to enable more effective delivery of remote healthcare.

Medical Quality and Management (click to expand)

• Ensure that the delivery of medical services and patient care are coordinated by the AWC medical staff and meet the appropriate standard of medical quality, as far as is practicable, in accordance with CQC/ISO Standards.

• Establish a system of system of clinical governance, clinical protocols, practice guidelines and continuous quality improvement.

• Responsible for overseeing the delivery of clinical education and continual professional development programs to medical staff.

• Ensure a robust system of escalation from the medical staff and to be aware of all major cases managed throughout the AWCs and referred to secondary care.

• Monitor and regularly report on medical efficiency, quality and performance of care delivered in the AWCs.

• Responsible for reviewing and responding to quality issues in accordance with GWT(N) quality assurance and risk management guidelines.

• Ensure medical staff are familiar with all relevant GWT policies and procedures.

• Ensure that patient’s medical files and documentation are maintained to the highest standards.

• Build relationships with 3rd party providers and lead the development of medical contracts/MOUs to ensure that they are clinical appropriate and sustainable.

• Ensure that all information for GWT KPI’s are adequately captured, collated and reported to the GWT (UK).

People Management (click to expand)

• Manage and positively motivate medical staff, ensuring that they are trained in their duties and appraised for their performance.

• Enable effective positive teamwork and clear channels of communication, both internally and externally, through leadership and example.

• Set clear standards, plans and targets for medical staff and monitor their performance through regular supervision and a comprehensive peer review program to identify training needs where appropriate.

• Establish regular team meetings and other communication mechanisms to ensure the medical team is clear on organisational and team objectives.

Person Specification

Required Competencies (click to expand)

• Sound knowledge and experience of the principles of general practice, emergency medical management and administration, including clinical governance.

• Executive leadership and organizational management experience.

• Knowledge of clinical quality management.

• Practical experience of service innovation and development.

• Personally resilient, comfortable making decisions and able to successfully prioritise a very busy workload.

• Professionally inquisitive and keeps abreast of clinical developments.

• Culturally aware and sensitive to working with local colleagues.

• Good interpersonal skills and encourages innovation and problem solving in others.

Required Work Experience (click to expand)

• Medical Practitioner with at least 15 years of post-graduate experience.

• Experience as a Medical Director with corresponding administrative and leadership experience.

• Performance management experience.

• International and Remote Area Medical experience.

Required Qualifications (click to expand)

• Certification in one or more of Emergency Medicine, Internal Medicine/Surgery, Family Practice or other relevant specialty.

• Current certification in Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS), Advanced Trauma Life Support (ATLS), and Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation (CPR).

• Recent clinical experience in patient care.

• Current passport valid for at least 18 months.


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