Joanna and the Gurkhas

Many people are aware of Joanna Lumley’s commitment to the Gurkha cause. As a daughter of the Brigade – her father was in the 6th Gurkha Rifles – the Gurkhas have always held a special place in Joanna’s heart.

I couldn't love them more and I couldn't be more loyal to them

Joanna Lumley on Gurkha soldiers

Joanna is also a long-term supporter of The Gurkha Welfare Trust and kindly agreed to become a Vice Patron of the charity in 2009.

Joanna and the GWT

Hear Joanna speak about her involvement with the Trust in her own words:

As Vice Patron, she's been a committed and active supporter of our work, visiting a number of our projects in Nepal along the way.

Gurkha 200

During last year’s Gurkha bicentenary, Joanna also supported various fundraising events including narrating at our spectacular Gurkha 200 Pageant, attended by HM The Queen.

Campaign work

In 2008, Joanna became the public face of a successful campaign to extend UK settlement rights to all Gurkha veterans who served in the British Army.

While her campaign was not connected to our work, Joanna generously agreed to lend her added support to the Trust and our work around the world.

The Trust at a glance

A brief summary of what we do and our plans for the coming years.

Take a look at an infographic covering the Trust's work in 2015-16.

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