Nothing must stop us reaching Gurkha veterans and their widows

Storms, floods and landslides. Waist deep mud and falling trees. Torrential rain and swollen rivers.

We mustn’t let them stop us from reaching Gurkha veterans and their widows.

There are 144 hard miles between us and Dhanrati Rai

When our Pensioner Support Teams set out on a journey to reach remote pensioners, they only know one thing: it’s not going to be easy. Often, they must journey through dense forests and up high mountains, edging along cli­ffs with sharp and deadly drops.

Fallen trees regularly block the roads, and when that happens, not even a motorbike or 4×4 can complete the journey. But nothing prevents our Pensioner Support Teams from their mission. They simply start walking.

Watch our Pensioner Support Team from Dharan on their journey to reach Gurkha widow Dhanrati Rai’s home, 144 miles away from their office:

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