What is the Support Fund?

The Gurkha Pensioners’ Support Fund is crucial in enabling us to provide financial, medical and development aid to thousands of Gurkha veterans and widows.

If you are able to offer a regular donation to the Trust, your money will go into the Support Fund. This enables us to sustain and increase our support for Gurkha veterans, their families and communities.

The loyal supporters who provide a regular gift to the Trust are truly the backbone of our work. Sign up today and receive a free kukri pin badge, as well as regular updates on how your funds are helping.

Why is it needed?

Nepal is one of the poorest countries in the world and many of our Gurkha pensioners face hardship on a daily basis.

Many of them live in remote villages in the Himalayan foothills. They are now too old to survive as subsistence farmers in the rugged and dangerous terrain. They desperately need our help.

For thousands of brave Gurkha veterans, their widows and their families, our support is all that stands in the way of a life of poverty and hardship.

Who are we helping?

When you donate to the Support Fund, you’ll be helping veterans like Gurkha hero Rifleman Birbahadur Pun MM.

Birbahadur lives with his wife in the small Himalayan village of Pakdwar. He has arthritis in both knees and can only get around with the aid of walking sticks.

Don’t let his current frailty fool you – Birbahadur served in the British Army for seven years from 1942-49. He was awarded the Military Medal for his courage in a ferocious battle with Japanese troops at the Irrawaddy River in Burma.

How do we help?

Today, Birbahadur and thousands of his fellow veterans or their widows face one of their greatest foes – old age. With no welfare state in Nepal, and with many young people having moved away to find work, our veterans live under the shadow of hunger and destitution.

That’s why we provide a lifeline – a monthly Welfare Pension that covers life’s essentials such as rice, vegetables, cooking oil and fuel. Without it, they would struggle to survive.

I run my life with this pension… This is how I get by. Without the pension, I’d be finished

Rifleman Birbahadur Pun MM, WWII veteran

Help us today

Sign up to the Gurkha Pensioners' Support Fund today, and your regular gift will directly support old Gurkha soldiers like Birbahadur and their families, helping them to live without fear of illness or going hungry.

My Dad served in Burma in WWII and fought alongside many Gurkhas. He really admired them. I'm so glad you look after them and I’m really happy to give in his memory

Mrs M, GWT supporter, Scotland

Free kukri pin badge

When you donate to the Support Fund, as well as receiving regular updates on how your money is helping you'll receive a free kukri badge to proudly show your support for Gurkha veterans!

How your support can help

Financial aid

One of the cornerstones of our work is a regular Welfare Pension, given to around 5,800 veterans and widows in Nepal who aren't eligible for the standard Army pension. Without it, they would face destitution.

It costs over £4,500,000 just to provide the Welfare Pension every year. We also provide hardship grants, disability grants, a carer’s allowance and winter fuel allowance for those most in need.

What else do we do?

Your monthly support also helps provide life-saving mobile medical care to our pensioners in Nepal. It is a country where there is often no public health service available, with as few as one doctor per 100,000 people in certain areas.

In a recent three-month period, our mobile medical teams made a total of 1,510 visits to pensioners in their homes, often trekking for days across mountainous terrain to reach them.

Times of need

In the event of disasters – which are sadly all too common in Nepal – the Support Fund helps us to respond quickly and provide emergency aid for victims.

As part of our earthquake response, we're currently building new homes and schools for affected pensioners, their families and communities.

Join the Gurkha Pensioners' Support Fund today!

To support our brave old soldiers and their widows from as little as £10 per month, please complete our online form.

Alternatively, feel free to give us a call us on 01722 323 955 and we'll be glad to help.

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What we do

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