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Bath Half Marathon

Start date: 17/03/2019

Whether you’re chasing a personal best or are new to the half-marathon world, the Bath Half Marathon or ‘BATHALF’ is a great day out. One of the most popular half marathons in the UK, there’s a great atmosphere and you’ll get to see beautiful architecture.

On the day, the information desk will be open from 8am. Half marathon runners will set off at 11am.

Register for the Bath Half Marathon


Registration fee is £45 and we ask for a minimum fundraising target of £250

You must register by 7 February 2019.

Please contact Georgia on challenges@gwt.org.uk if you have any questions.

Emily’s advice

Emily, an avid runner, has run the Bath Half Marathon four times. Here’s her first-hand experience of the race:

“Bath Half sells out every year for a good reason. The race itself doesn’t start until midday which, while that’s late for a race, does mean extra time to get there, loads more spectators and a really great atmosphere. I think there are over 12,000 runners most years so you have plenty of company on the route.”

“The start/finish area is near Bath Rugby Club and you head out along the river over two laps.”

“Other than a slight incline here and there, the course is surprisingly flat (considering how hilly Bath itself is!)”

bath half group of girls smiling

Emily (second from left) is all smiles after finishing the Bath Half with her friends

“You’re encouraged to bring an old top or buy a top from a charity shop to wear at the start to keep you warm before discarding it at the side. These are then collected and donated back to local charities. It’s a great idea to keep warm as it can take an hour or so from when you start queuing to when the race begins as there are so many runners.”

“I love the live music along the way! There’s a battle of the bands competition where a local band plays every mile or so along the course. This really cheers you up if the weather’s a bit rubbish or you are starting to feel tired.”

“As the race consists of two laps, you’ll get to see your supporters more than once, which is really encouraging.”

“The finish line is a welcome sight and perfect for a final flourish.”

“Bath half is also great for spectators. The city centre location makes it easy to drop off, collect and support your runners.”

“Top tips- top for the start, loo roll for the toilets, trust your training and smile and enjoy it (as there will be photographic evidence!)”

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