What's it all about?

Baxterbear is “the most positive bear in the world” and supports charities across the globe. We're delighted that he is supporting the Trust to produce a range of Baxterbear kids t-shirts.

About Baxterbear

Baxterbear's story has been connected with the Gurkhas since he was rescued by them back in the Burmese jungle! Find out more about Baxterbear.

About the t-shirts

We’ve teamed up with T-Shirt Booth to create three unique t-shirts that raise money for the GWT. You can customise the colour of the t-shirt, choose from a range of designs and sizes, and even add a photo.

£2 from every t-shirt sold goes towards our work in Nepal. Get yours today.

Where can I buy one?

If you’d like to buy a Baxterbear t-shirt, visit T-Shirt Booth's website – all you need is a digital photo that you’d like to include on the t-shirt.