We sum up the figures* explaining the 2015 earthquakes, our response so far, and our plans for the future...

Overall impact

    • Over 8,900 people killed
    • Over 22,000 injured
  • Over 600,000 homes destroyed
  • Over 3 million people displaced

Impact on ex-Gurkhas and GWT projects

  • 13 veterans or widows killed
  • 2,129+ homes damaged or destroyed
  • 161 school projects damaged
  • 78 water projects damaged
  • 1 Welfare Centre destroyed

Our emergency response

  • 1,756 aid packs distributed (including reserves)
  • 1,149 metal shelters distributed
  • 760 solar lights distributed
  • 739 emergency cash grants to veterans and widows
  • 8 temporary school blocks built

Our response: general stats

  • Over £3.2 million already spent
  • Over £5 million raised so far
  • 51 full-time staff in our Earthquake Response Team
  • From 2016-20 we’ll build or repair:
    • 2,129 Gurkha homes
    • 600 water supply systems
    • 220 schools
    • 16 community centres and health posts
  • We need £18 million in total

Our rebuilding so far

  • 70+ houses already built and occupied – and growing every day!
  • 500 further houses under construction (out of remaining 1,100)
  • 32 school repairs are complete with 4 more underway
  • 9 new schools will be finished by August 2016
  • Around 10,750 children have already benefited from our response
Water projects
  • 28 water project repairs are complete with 18 more to be finished in June 2016
  • 38 new projects completed with a further 43 to be finished in June 2016
  • Around 11,200 people in 1,900 households have already benefited from our response

What next?

  • We aim to build 80% of homes (950 houses) by end of 2016, with the remainder completed by April 2017
  • A further 13 schools will be built in 2016/17 and remainder of repairs completed
  • A further 81 water projects will be built in 2016/17 and remainder of repairs completed

What can you do?

There's still a long way to go. Please support us by donating to our earthquake response fund or visit our appeal page for further information.

*All figures as at 20 April 2016
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