We're delighted to announce that Dharamsing Tamang and his wife Doma have become the first of our Gurkha pensioners to move into their new home.

You may remember them from a previous article detailing our work with them. Dharamsing is a veteran of the Malayan Emergency and the Borneo Confrontation, having served in the 7th Gurkha Rifles.

When last year’s earthquakes hit, the couple was living in a rented room in Jiri, a town in north-east Nepal. It was totally destroyed.

How are we helping?

In the immediate aftermath of the disaster they sought our support. We provided them with temporary accommodation and emergency medical care for Dharamsing, who fell and hit his head while escaping the quake.

We've since built the pair a new, earthquake resistant home on land kindly donated by a neighbour, Mrs Rasmaya Jirel. We'll be rebuilding around 1,200 Gurkha homes as part of our earthquake response.

Moving in!

Dharamsing and Doma moved in on 11 February 2016 – chosen by the local Lama (Buddhist priest) as an auspicious day – and a special ritual was held before they settled in to their new home.

The couple toasted their new home with the construction team over cups of tea and whisky. Doma is particularly pleased with her new smokeless stove!

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Gurkha veteran Dharamsing Tamang and his wife Doma

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