This week is Remember a Charity Week, when people across the country are being asked to do something LEGENDARY and consider making a charitable bequest.

Did you know that, although three quarters of us regularly support charities, only 7% get round to leaving a gift to a charity in their Will? This is a statistic that we, and the Remember a Charity campaign, hope to change.

We know that people care about elderly and vulnerable Gurkhas. Having served us so loyally for over 200 years, it is only right that they are supported in their old age.

Why leave us a gift?

A gift in your Will can make such a difference! At the Trust, it can fund all areas of our vital work: from our monthly Welfare Pension – on which so many Gurkha veterans and widows depend – to our medical services and two Residential Homes, as well as the important development aid we are providing to village communities across Nepal.

Repaying our debt of honour

When Mrs Johanna Burgess, pictured here on her 90th birthday, sadly passed away in 2014, she left a residual gift to the Trust in her Will. Her generous donation has allowed us to build two new earthquake-resistant homes for Gurkha, whose houses were destroyed in the 2015 Nepal earthquakes.

Mrs Burgess’ late husband Mike had been a long-standing supporter of our work, having served in the forces himself. Johanna was keen for that support to continue. We are extremely grateful for the lasting impact their legacy has had.

Leaving a gift in your Will is really easy!

It’s not difficult to support the Trust in this way. If you have already written your Will, our simple Codicil Form can be used to include an additional gift.

If you are writing a Will for the first time, contact your local solicitor or other legal advisor. Remember a Charity has teamed up with The Co-operative Legal Services who can help you decide which Will is right for you.

Having served a full career with the 6th Gurkha Rifles I feel privileged to have lived and worked alongside the bravest, toughest men I have ever met.

What this charity can do to support Gurkha veterans in the future is in your hands. Will you leave a gift in your Will to thank our courageous Gurkha veterans for all they have done and sacrificed?

Brigadier (Retd) John Anderson OBE

Get in touch

If you’re considering making a us a charitable bequest, we’d be happy to talk with you about the process, or how we will ensure that your gift helps Gurkha veterans, their widows and their communities.

T: 01722 323 955


Thank you. We will be here for as long as our veterans need us, but we can only do that with your help.

Gift in Will guide

If you are considering leaving a gift in your Will and would like some more information, please download our Legacy guide (PDF, 4.9 MB) or contact our support team:

T: 01722 323 955


Codicil form

Download our codicil form (PDF, 0.1 MB) – you can give this form to your solicitor to include a gift to the Trust in your Will.

Donations in Memory

If you are collecting gifts in memory of a loved one and would like information, please call 01722 323 955. Donation envelopes can be provided for this purpose.

If you would like donations to be made to The Gurkha Welfare Trust in lieu of flowers at your funeral, stating this in your Will lets the executors know of your wish.

Call 01722 323 955 or download our Legacy guide (PDF, 4.9 MB) for more information.

The Trust at a glance

A brief summary of what we do and our plans for the coming years.

Take a look at an infographic covering the Trust's work in 2014/15.