The Royal Gurkha Rifles have been in Afghanistan for several months as part of Operation TORAL, a force protection mission for NATO staff based in Kabul.

Since deploying earlier this year, soldiers from the 2nd Battalion of the legendary Gurkha regiment have been keeping busy as part of NATO’s Resolute Support Mission, providing enduring support to the Afghan Government.

Their primary role has been protecting UK and NATO mentors supporting the training of Afghan National Army (ANA) Officer Cadets, although the soldiers have still found time to get involved with the 22 push-up challenge.

Check out some of the remarkable images from their tour of duty below.

Op TORAL in photos


Why the Gurkhas?

The Brigade of Gurkhas continues to play an integral role in the British Army, who recently announced that the unit would be expanding in the coming months.

It’s a reflection of the dedication, courage and skill that Gurkha soldiers have displayed for over 200 years. Find out more about how we’re helping aged veterans and their widows who are now in need of our support in Nepal.

Gurkhas today

Still going strong after more than 200 years, find out more about the modern UK Brigade of Gurkhas.

The Trust at a glance

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