What's it all about?

British knitwear company Glenbrae is based in Huddersfield and has a history of producing high quality clothing. In 2015, they’ve released a Gurkha 200 range with a percentage of every sale donated to the GWT.

We’re extremely proud to be able to support The Gurkha Welfare Trust in its work helping needy Gurkha veterans and their communities, both home and abroad.

How do I choose the Gurkha 200 range?

Simply visit a product page on the Glenbrae website, select the style, colour and size that you would like, tick the option "The Gurkhas" and choose whether you'd like the Gurkha 200 crest on the sleeve or chest.

The GWT will receive £20 for every Gurkha 200 branded top sold and £5 for every scarf.

Where can I buy Gurkha 200 clothing?

Visit Glenbrae’s website to browse their quality clothing range.