About Noreen Denzil Art

A self-taught fine art portrait artist who had her first commission as a teenager, Noreen has gone on to have many of her pastel portraits of ICONS exhibited at such prestigious venues as The House of Commons and Cork Street in London.

Her 'Art for Charity' work has included donating a portrait of the late Princess Diana to the charity Fashion Acts, which was bought by a close friend of the Princess. Each year Noreen donates a painting to a good cause for fundraising as well as making donations through her fundraising Art Auctions.

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Noreen Denzil Art and the GWT

"The GWT is a fantastic charity that does so much to help the Gurkha veterans and their families and I'm delighted that my painting of Sgt Dipprasad Pun has raised money for the charity and that it will be owned by RGR who will have it placed in the Sergeant's Mess. I am thrilled my painting has made its journey to its rightful home.

“A commissioned portrait is a great gift or way to commemorate an award or accomplishment. To offer ongoing support for the charity I will donate 35% of the money received for each portrait commission from regiment personnel, their families and wider supporters of the Trust.”