About Just Wool Textiles

Just Wool Textiles began in 2013 and specialises in designing and hand-making loomed pieces such as scarves, blankets and other items made to order.

The material is sourced from the British Isles and the British Falkland Islands, and is of the highest quality to produce soft and comfortable accessories suited to the individual.

GWT scarf and travel blanket

In 2016, Just Wool released a bespoke GWT scarf and a travel blanket in aid of our work in Nepal.

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Just Wool and the GWT

Just Wool founder Neil says:"I have a passion for the Falkland Islands, have islanders as friends and have been fortunate to visit the islands many times. The Gurkhas are a legendary part of the British Armed Forces & were very much a part of the islands' liberation, to which I owe a debt of thanks.

"This is why I decided to produce a scarf inspired by the GWT logo, with a donation being made to the Trust for each scarf sold. Whilst my business exists to allow me to live, it is also important to me that I can do something positive along the way.”