About The ID Band Company

The ID Band Company are the leading UK suppliers of medical ID jewellery to the public and the NHS. Medical ID jewellery is designed to provide healthcare professionals with vital information in the event of an emergency.

The ID Band Company's products are designed to communicate on the patient’s behalf, helping first aiders, paramedics and doctors to give the correct treatment quickly and effectively.

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The ID Band Company and the GWT

"We are delighted to play a small part in supporting this fantastic charity and worthwhile cause.

"The Gurkhas have such a proud history and the work The Gurkha Welfare Trust do to help Gurkha veterans and their families is truly inspiring.

"As proud supporters of The Gurkha Welfare Trust, we automatically donate 15% of the final price of any items purchased on our website using the following affiliate link: www.theidbandco.com/gwt."