Gurkhas never leave a man behind. Among their countless medals for bravery can be found many stories of heroic rescues, often at great personal risk. Today, these same soldiers who were willing to face hails of bullets for their wounded comrades desperately need our help.

Help us fight for the dignity of Gurkha veterans and widows in the hills of Nepal. Monsoon season is rapidly approaching and there are people desperately in need of a safe place to call home.

Selfless bravery

For over 200 years, Gurkhas have fought loyally alongside us. Their bravery has earned them 13 Victoria Crosses (VC) over the years, the highest of military honours.

In Borneo in 1965, then a Lance Corporal in the 10th Gurkha Rifles, Rambahadur Limbu selflessly braved enemy fire not once but twice to rescue injured comrades. Receiving a VC for his courage, his citation reads:

"Rushing forward he hurled himself on the ground beside one of the wounded and calling for support... he picked up the man and carried him to safety... Without hesitation he immediately returned... [for the other] wounded man [and] carried him back... through the hail of enemy bullets…"

2015 earthquakes

Two devastating earthquakes struck Nepal in 2015. The damage was catastrophic. An estimated 600,000 homes were destroyed. Of all of the Gurkha veterans and widows we care for in the region, over 1,100 were left either without homes or with buildings that were too damaged to live in safely.

In our initial response to the quakes we gave out emergency packs containing food and other essentials. We also provided temporary shelters for those most in need. Thanks to our dedicated supporters, we then turned our attention to rebuilding. We put together an earthquake-resistant design for new homes and buildings and got to work.

At points, the serving Brigade of Gurkhas joined us in our building efforts as part of Operation MARMAT. Two years on from Nepal’s disaster, we’ve made huge strides in rebuilding Gurkhas’ lives. Over 850 new houses have been built for those who lost everything.

However, there are still around 250 Gurkha veterans and widows without a home. Many are frail and live in remote hillside villages. Worse still, monsoon rains are approaching for the third time since the disaster.

Can you help?

We need your support. Our earthquake resistant homes cost just £7,000 to build. Can you help us to fund the final push in our Gurkha home rebuilding programme?

Your support now will enable us to ensure that no veteran is left behind in our recovery phase.

Please donate today and help us to give them the most basics of needs: a place to call home.

Rambahdur Limbu went back not once but twice to save friends in need – it’s time we did the same. Can you help ensure we leave no man behind and finish building houses for Gurkha veterans?

He told us: "To survive the wars and come home, only to lose everything to an earthquake, is a cruel fate. I feel for my fellow veterans at this time.

"It is encouraging to know that The Gurkha Welfare Trust is helping them. I hope that the British public continue to show their generous support in our time of need, as they have done for many years."

We urge you to join us in acting on Rambahadur’s words. Help us make sure no man gets left behind.

What does your support look like?

Former Gurkha Rifleman Baldhan Ghale and his wife Budhini were one of the first couples to move into their brand new, quake-resistant home after theirs was destroyed in the 2015 earthquakes. Read their story or watch the video below.

Gurkha widow Tulsi Maya Ghale is a brave and upbeat woman with a story to tell and a new house to tell it from. Read her story or watch the bideo below.

How much do our homes cost?


Our homes cost approx. £7,000 to build. Click the image above to see specifics.

How do we build our homes?

Take a look at the step-by-step guide to how we build them.

Earthquake stats

Overall impact:
  • Over 8,900 killed
  • Over 22,000 injured
  • Over 600,000 homes destroyed
  • Over 3 million people displaced

Impact on Gurkha veterans and GWT projects:

  • 13 veterans or widows killed
  • 1,700+ homes damaged or destroyed
  • 161 school projects damaged
  • 78 water projects damaged
  • 1 Welfare Centre destroyed