For many years as a child growing up, my Father told me stories of the Brave Gurkhas, he himself having been a regular Soldier. He told me of how many VC's & other coveted medals had been awarded to these brave men from Nepal. I had always promised myself that I would visit Nepal, but this hasn't been possible, next best thing, a visit to the The Gurkha Museum at Peninsula Barracks, Winchester.....what an experience that was, enabling me to see for myself evidence of what these Brave Men did for our Nation! I bought a number of mementos to bring home with me, e.g. many postcards depicting the Gurkhas, 6th Queen Elizabeth Gurkha Rifles, The Queens Gurkha Engineers, The Duke of Edinburgh's Own Gurkha Rifles,Gurkha Transport Regiment, 10th Princess Marys Own Gurkha Rifles, & the 2nd King Edward VII's Own Gurkhas.........and not forgetting I bought a bag made in Nepal by the people there, a bag a treasured keepsake. Happy in knowing the proceeds went to the Gurkha Welfare Appeal, a very worthy Cause. We owe the Gurkhas 'big time', I will always remember my Fathers stories and will remain eternally grateful to these wonderful people.
Teresa Twilton

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