What will you do with your extra day in 2020?

Thank you for joining 292GWT

As one of the first to join our new fundraising brigade, we commend your enthusiasm and willingness to help our Gurkha veterans by gifting your extra day in 2020.

We hope you enjoy organising your activity and if you need any guidance along the way please do get in touch.

Whatever you plan to do, your fundraising will be helping Gurkha veterans like  Rifleman Hauda Thapa.

When Hauda returned from the army to Nepal back in 1946 he struggled to get by and spent most of his days farming to make ends meet. We work to ensure that he receives the support he needs to live his life with dignity.



“I could only ask for help from my father. I consider GWT as my father.”

Rifleman Hauda Thapa

Hopefully, your fundraising kit has now reached you, but if it hasn’t please let us know.

We are creating a gallery for our online celebration on 29 February, together with a list of those who have taken part. If you have any photos you would like to add don’t forget to tag us on any social media posts or email them to us. This will allow you to share ideas and also see what your fellow fundraisers are up too.

What next?

Step one

First up you need to decide how you will use your extra day and what fundraising activity you might do.

Step two

Set up a JustGiving page and start telling your family and friends all about your fundraising. If you prefer, there is a traditional paper Boost your Fundraising form included in your kit (or downloadable on the right), along with a collection box.

Step three

Can you create a mini fundraising brigade? Is there anyone in your own network who may help you with a venue, assistance or taking part on the day?

Step four

Enjoy your fundraising activity. Don’t forget to take lots of photos so we can see what you have been up to.

Step five

Pay in your fundraising. There is a host of ways to pay in your fundraising. See the guide inside your fundraising kit for more information.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does my activity have to be one from the fundraising kit?

Not at all. While we hope the kit has ideas which might help, we love to see other ideas you may come up with.

Do I have to use JustGiving?

JustGiving is a great way to upload your fundraising reason, updates along with way and show your friends and family how much you hope to raise. It also allows your donors an easy way to Gift Aid their donation, but there are many other online giving sites which you can use. Alternatively, the Boost your Fundraising form and the collection box in your fundraising kit are there to help you reach your target.

Where do I find my supporter number?

Your ID or supporter number should be in your fundraising kit and in some of the emails we send. If you can't find it, we can use your surname and postcode to find it for you.

How do I contact you?

If you need to get in touch please email supportercare@gwt.org.uk, message us on Facebook or call us on 01722 323955

Does my activity have to be on or before 29 February 2020?

29 February was chosen as our main fundraising date because it's the 2020's bonus leap year day but there are no restrictions on when you can hold your activity. We do hope to list all those who have taken part, or taking part in 292GWT on our website on 29 February, so to ensure your name is included do let us know if your activity will be later in the year.

How do I pay in my fundraising?

If you're using an online giving page like JustGiving the online donations will automatically be sent to us. Other methods of paying in your donations include by cheque to: The Gurkha Welfare Trust, PO Box 2170, 22 Queen Street, Salisbury, SP2 2EX or online at www.gwt.org.uk/fundraise. If you would like to pay directly into our bank get in touch for details.

Please use your supporter number and ask your supporters to use your name if they are making donations online in support of your activity so we are able to correctly add this to your total.


My fundraising kit hasn’t arrived!

If your fundraising kit has not arrived, please let us know and we will send you a replacement.

Am I too late to join in?

Absolutely not! The more the merrier. We would love to hear from you if you are looking to fundraise for Gurkha veterans, their families and their wider communities. Send an email to supportercare@gwt.org.uk to request your fundraising kit.

Will I be featured on your website?

On 29 February 2020 we are hoping to publish a gallery of photos and a list of names on our website of those who have taken part in 292GWT. We are extremely proud of you for your fundraising and looking forward to celebrating and thanking you for taking part. We understand that not everyone would like to be listed, so if you would rather not be featured then let us know.

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