Providing financial medical and community aid to alleviate hardship and distress among Gurkha ex-servicemen of the British Crown

Gurkhas in Nepal

The Gurkha Welfare Trust pays a welfare pension to 6,899 needy Gurkha ex-servicemen and their widows living in Nepal, who did not complete 15 years' military service to receive a military pension and face destitution. Medical treatment is also provided for them and their dependants. In addition, hardship grants are awarded to alleviate destitution following disasters. An exciting scheme to provide residential homes facilities for the most lonely and vulnerable is currently underway.
  • Welfare Pensions
    A welfare pension is provided to 6,899 Gurkha soldiers or their widows who do not qualify for an Army pension and have no other form of income. On the death of an old soldier, his...
  • Medical Scheme
    Nepal has no national health service and access to quality medical care can be very limited. Therefore the Trust's medical scheme is hugely valued by Gurkha welfare pensioners, who...
  • Disaster and Emergency Grants
    Nepal is a country prone to natural disasters. Seasonal flooding from monsoon rains, landslides, earthquakes and fires are a regular feature of life in the Hills. In addition with...
  • Residential Homes
    The Trust is building Residential Homes for those Welfare Pensioners who are most in need. They combine the very best in western geriatric medicine with an eastern culture of respe...

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