Trailwalker 2015

News from the Gurkha 200 edition of our biggest challenge eventRead more

Do you have an unwanted car?

GWT partner Giveacar is running a campaign in support of our earthquake responseRead more

Gurkha 200 merchandise

A range of branded Gurkha 200 merchandise is now availableRead more

GWT builds classrooms for earthquake victims

A look at how we're supporting communities as they move on from the disasterRead more

Nepali artist releases special prints

NB Gurung is selling earthquake-inspired prints in aid of the GWTRead more

Nepal earthquake: a personal account

GWT worker Thakur Prasad Gurung relives the horror of 25th April 2015Read more

The Gurkha 200 Pageant

Our spectacular celebration of 200 years of Gurkha serviceRead more

After the earthquake: the early months

A timeline of activity in the months following the April 2015 earthquakeRead more

Earthquake Response Fund

Please support the Trust as we deal with the aftermath of the Nepal earthquakesRead more

Gurkha 200 Commemorative Book

A visual account of the Gurkhas' rich history over the last 200 yearsRead more