Providing financial medical and community aid to alleviate hardship and distress among Gurkha ex-servicemen of the British Crown


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What does GWT do?
We provide financial, medical and community aid to alleviate hardship and distress among Gurkha ex-servicemen of the British Crown and their dependants. Whilst we have a global remit for Gurkha welfare, our focus is Nepal and those who did not serve the 15 years to earn an Army pension and who face poverty and distress.
Where is the GWT head office?
Salisbury, Wiltshire.
Where does GWT work?
We have worked in Nepal for 40 years. In light of increasing numbers of Gurkhas settling in the UK, the Trust is taking the lead on responding to welfare matters in this country. The Trust is working with other service charities and the Brigade of Gurkhas to develop facilities to support Gurkhas who settle in the UK.
What is Joanna Lumley's association with the Trust?
Joanna Lumley has been a long term supporter of The Gurkha Welfare Trust. Her recent campaign for greater immigration entitlements has no connection to our work. However, now that her campaign for greater immigration entitlements has ended, Miss Lumley has generously offered to lend her added support to the Trust and is now a Vice-Patron.
How do I get Gurkha soldiers to support my event?

If you would like support from the serving Brigade please contact Fundraising Assistant Events with a full description of your planned fundraising activity. Please be aware that the serving Brigade is often committed to operational duties overseas therefore the manpower is not always available.

Does the GWT sell goods?

The Trust does not directly sell merchandise. We work in partnership with The Gurkha Museum which sells goods on our behalf. Please visit

I would like to volunteer in Nepal, what do I need to do?

The Gurkha Welfare Trust has a limited number of medical placements each year for qualified medics. Please contact with your details.

I would like to volunteer in the UK, what do I need to do?
Unfortunately we do not have volunteer placements at our head office.
If you would like to become a volunteer fundraiser please get in contact with your nearest branch.
Can I claim Gift Aid on my donation?
In order for the GWT to claim gift aid on your donation you must:
Make your donation from your own income and pay enough UK income and/or capital gains tax to cover the amount of tax we will reclaim.

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What can I do to raise money for the GWT?

There are many ways you raise money for the Trust.
You can make one off payments, become a regular giver, sponsor a welfare pensioner or take part in a fundraising event.

Please visit our Donate / Get Involved pages for further information.

How is my donation spent?
When you give to the Trust, you can be certain that your donation will go to where it is needed most: to a deserving Gurkha. The Trust will spend £10 million on welfare activities for Gurkhas this year. Income from investments covers UK head office administation costs and fundraising. Grant in aid funding from the Ministry of Defence covers nearly all our field staff infrastructure costs in Nepal.
How do I make a donation?

Send us a cheque made payable to 'The Gurkha Welfare Trust'

Donate online

Set up a direct debit. Please contact for details

Enroll in a payroll giving scheme

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Who qualifies for a welfare pension?
To qualify for a welfare pension Gurkhas must have served the Crown or be the widow of a Gurkha ex-serviceman. Welfare pensioners have not served the 15 years' required to earn an Army pension and would be in poverty and distress without the Trust's support.
I am a Gurkha who has just arrived in the UK, who can help me?


Gurkha Welfare Officer -- Capt(Retd) Gary Ghale
Tel: 01722 343111

Assistant Gurkha Welfare Officer -- Capt(Retd) Nirmal Gurung
Tel: 08456 046849
Fax: 01722 343118


What is a Gurkha?
Gurkhas are from the middle hills of Nepal and are recruited into the British Army after an exhaustive selection process that takes place each year in Nepal. They have fought for the Crown for almost 200 years. Gurkhas are known for their fierceness in battle and their gentle, gracious nature in times of peace.
What is the Trust position on recent government policy announcements on Gurkha immigration and pension entitlements?
The Gurkha Welfare Trust is a non political organization and never comments on matters of government policy or issues regarding the serving Brigade.
Where does the GWT's funding come from?

The Trust is a registered charity and must raise around £10 million each year to maintain its activities.

Income from investments covers all UK office and fundraising costs.

Grant in Aid funding from the Ministry of Defence covers most of our infrastructure costs in Nepal. The Department of International Development (DFID) part funds the Rural Water and Sanitation project

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